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SSCH Library Toolbar

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Download our toolbar so that you can search our library catalog, keep up to date with book reviews, and know what events are happening anytime you are online.

The following screen shots will show you how the toolbar works and how you can download it. Works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

toolbar powered by Conduit

Click on the above image to begin the download.

Toolbar 2

When you see this pop-up, click on run.

Toolbar 3

This screen will tell you how far along the download is.

Toolbar 4

Once the download is complete, you will see this pop-up. Click on run.

Toolbar 5

On this page you will need to decide which of these features you want activated. To activate them, click in the box until you see a check mark. To unactivate them, click in the box until it is empty. If you are unsure, unactivate them.

The toolbar should now show up below the adress bar on your screen. If it does not, right click below the adress bar (next to "File", "Edit, etc.). From the dropdown menu select SSCHPL Toolbar.

Toolbar 6

To change where you are searching, click on the magnifying glass. To search Google, select Search from the drop down menu. To search the Steger-South Chicago Heights Library catalog, select Library Catalog from the drop down menu. The currently selected search will appear in bold print.

You can also check our Twitter, Page Pals, and Flickr updates. If the yellow star appears next to their icons, it means there are new items. The Community Information menu will link you to services offered by our towns such as Village Halls and School Districts.

Location & Hours

54 East 31st Street
Steger, IL 60475
708-755-2504 (fax)

Mon-Thu: 10am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: Closed

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