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Minutes for October 2010

Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:00 pm

President Stroube called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm
Present: Fiorenzo, Holecek-Sherman Joyce, Stroube, Thurmond
Late: Peterson, Stewart,
Also Present: Lisa Morrison Korajczyk, Director
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Joyce seconded that minutes from the September 16, 2010 regular board meeting be approved. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
The Board talked about the memo from the Steger police regarding the security cameras’ recommendation, thanked Janet Fiorenzo for attending the Steger board meeting, and mentioned the Jewel grant.
Trustee Holecek-Sherman made a motion and Trustee Peterson seconded that the board approve the October 2010 Claims List for $ 12,268.66.  Upon a roll call vote the motion carried
Ayes: Fiorenzo, Holecek-Sherman, Joyce, Peterson, Stewart, Stroube, Thurmond
Nays: 0
The technology consultant performed the monthly maintenance on the computers. The director talked with the tech consultant about upgrading the firewall, and he thought it would be better for Versatile Consulting to do the upgrade than for us to do it in-house. The library has also been having color copying issues from the public access computers. There is a problem between the B/W drivers and the color drivers. The staff may just have to manually change the print option for patrons. We also received a free laptop from the ILeadU project, and if there is additional money we will receive a second laptop.
Building and Maintenance:
Thanks to Janet Fiorenzo for attending the Steger Village meeting, and getting them to waive the new water meter fee. We also had the handyman come to the library to replace bulbs in the adult section, but we need him to return to replace bulbs in the children’s department. Please look in your previous board packets for the security camera bids. We should probably install the system before winter.
Vacation: 6
Sick: 5
Personal: 1
Ms. Dismuke and Ms. O’Halloran attended 2 ILeadU meetings. Ms. Gaz attended the CLASS meeting and Ms. Elmore attended the RASSL meeting and 1 day of ILA. The director attended the SWAN/MLS quarterly meeting, 1 Friend’s meeting, 1 Kiwanis meeting, 1Project Phoenix meeting, 1 Zone meeting, SWAN Trustee committee, MLS Board Meeting, and ILA.
Our helper from Prairie State College no longer works for us, and her last day was September 30, 2010.
The Children’s department had several very successful programs this month including the Fancy Nancy party, L’gos and Little Discoveries. Ms. Elmore received her grant from Jewel for $500.00, and the Healthy Date Night program will be in October and we have purchased books, a DVD and 2 new Wii games for the program.
The director and the Board looked at the preliminary numbers for the 2010 Levy. The Board and the director discussed moving the library’s Internet provider to Comcast from the At&T T-1 line. However, after speaking with SWAN the first step is to upgrade the firewall. McCann Group gave the director an estimate of $842.57 for the work. The director recommended the move and the Board agreed.
  1. The Board asked the director to call the selected security company to do a walk through with the Board concerning the placement of the cameras.
  2. The Board decided that they did not want to switch from ComEd to Glacial Energy for the library’s electrical service.
  1. Board asked the director to wait to transfer the $35,000.00 from the Illinois Funds account to the First United account until we see when the tax bills are sent.
  1. The Trustees decided on the date for the Christmas party on 12/15/2010 at 6:00 pm.
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Holecek-Sherman seconded that the October 21, 2010 meeting be adjourned. Upon a voice vote the meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.