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Minutes for September 2010

Minutes for the September 2010 Library Board Meeting

Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Thursday, September 16, 2010 7:05 pm

President Stroube called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm
Present:  Holecek-Sherman Joyce, Peterson, Stewart, Stroube, Thurmond
Late: Fiorenzo
Also Present: Lisa Morrison Korajczyk, Director, Mr. Scott Sliwinski, Ms. Stephanie Jones
The Board moved the presentation for Glacial Energy to the top of the agenda.
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Peterson seconded that minutes from the August 19, 2010 regular board meeting be approved. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
Trustee Holecek-Sherman made a motion and Trustee Thurmond seconded that the minutes from the Budget & Appropriations Hearing on August 19, 2010, be approved. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
Trustee Holecek-Sherman made a motion and Jackie Baano Stewart seconded that the board approve the September 2010 Claims List for $ 11,637.95.  Upon a roll call vote the motion carried.
Ayes: Fiorenzo, Holecek-Sherman, Joyce, Peterson, Stewart, Stroube, Thurmond
Nays: 0
The tech consultant performed the monthly maintenance on the library’s computers and we are investigating getting rid of the library’s T-1 line in favor of a cable line. Cable is cheaper and faster than the service we receive from Illinois Century Network and AT&T which provides the T-1 line. The tech consultant also installed more memory in both the library’s circulation computers. The Technology plan is complete and you should have a copy in this month’s board packet. We have also created an online Google calendar to supplement our communication for activities and meetings.
Building and Maintenance:
The director called in an electrician to work on the photocell lights on the top of the building. For some reason, the lights were not dimming in the sunlight. The electrician worked on the lights and now they dim in the sunlight. We also received a letter from the Steger Water Department informing us that we need to install an outside meter, and Bill Cox came to the library to measure for the new meter. The new meter should cost approximately $450.00 due to its size. We can make the payments over 4 water bills, and the bill itself will increase by 100% ($50.00) due to the Thorn Creek Basin work. I have requested that the village waive the fee and we should know by this board meeting.
Vacation: 4
Sick: 1.5
Personal: 0
This month the director attended 1 Kiwanis meeting, 2 Project Phoenix meeting, 1 Governance A meeting, and a Friend’s meeting. Ms. O’Halloran and I spent a week interviewing candidates for the Circulation position and I am pleased to announce that we have selected Ms. Karin Gerson as our new clerk. Ms. Gerson started on the 31st of the month and we think she will be an excellent addition to the staff.
School has started and the staff was at all three of the registration days, two open houses and we had two back to school events. The first was the Movie in the Park and we had about 60 people and the next day we had out Back to School Fling and we had about 30 children. We are working on the new newsletter and we are happy to announce the Ms. Elmore applied for and received a $500.00 grant from Jewel to do programming on Family health and nutrition. We have a lot of programming planned for the fall and hope to see a big turn-out at the library. We have started a new program for our fax customers.
The Director has contacted the Police Department concerning the security cameras and discussed with Officer Rossi the needs of the Library.
The representative from Glacial Energy gave a 10 minute presentation on the company. Both the Board President and Secretary signed the Per Capita Grant applications as required by the State Library.
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Joyce seconded that the Board approve the Technology Plan for 2010-2013 as presented to the Board. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Holecek-Sherman seconded that the Board approve the Dec. 3, 2010 Staff In-Service Day. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
There was discussion concerning Ms. Elmore’s attendance at the 2011 ALA Conference.
Trustee Joyce made a motion and Trustee Peterson seconded that the September 16, 2010 meeting be adjourned. Upon a voice vote the meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.