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Minutes for April 2011

Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2011 7:00 pm

President Stroube called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm
Present: Holecek-Sherman, Joyce, Peterson, Stroube, Thurmond
Late: Fiorenzo, Stewart
Also Present: Lisa Morrison Korajczyk, Director, Terry Fiorenzo, Scott Athey (Stanley Security)
Trustee Thurmond made a motion and Trustee Joyce seconded that minutes from the regular meeting on March 17, 2011 be approved. Upon a voice vote the motion passed.
The director informed the Board about the new name for the merged system and the latest developments concerning the system. The director spoke about the Per Capita grant letter from the state, and the newsletter from the lawyers concerning the Attorney General’s ruling on raffles and library districts.
Trustee Holecek-Sherman made a motion and Trustee Peterson seconded that the Board approve the April 2011 Claims List for $ 13,821.16 and for Petty Cash for $179.34. Upon a roll call vote the motion carried.  The IMRF was $2,322.02. The director also informed the Board that the ADT bills and the Affiliated bills would come out of the Liability Fund and not the Corporate Fund because they were for the fire alarm which was approved by the Library’s auditor,
Ayes:  Fiorenzo, Holecek-Sherman, Joyce, Peterson, Stewart, Stroube, Thurmond
Nays: 0
The tech consultant performed the monthly maintenance on the computers. The Library’s Internet connection was down for half a day due to Comcast working on the lines. We have more and more patrons requesting that the Library purchase e-books, and the Director has contacted Overdrive about pricing. This is the company that the consortium uses and we get a discounted price through the system. The Circulation Manager has created a text messaging system for patrons that would like program updates from the Library.
Building and Maintenance:
This month was spent trying to discover the source of the problem for the Library’s fire alarm system. Every time it rained, the fire alarm was triggered and read ground fault. I called ADT (2) to come out, and while they could not find the source of the problem they suggested that we have the roof checked for leaks as there are water stains near the fire alarm sensors. I then called Coleman Roofing and they inspected the roof and the area over the Youth Services desk and assured us that there is no leak. It continued to rain throughout the month and I called in Affiliated Alarm (2) and they suggested that the problem would be in the phone lines. I called in AT&T (3) and the third time the technician worked on the lines outside the building, and we have not had any trouble since. However, it has also been fairly dry and I am eager to see what happens during the next big storm. Representatives from the Fire Department spent an afternoon with the Director creating a Fire Plan for the Steger Fire Department. The staff and director would also like to purchase a new circulation desk cart and move the outside drop box to the curb and keep it open throughout the day. We have numerous patron complaints about the drop box not being open, and we would also like to purchase an outdoor drop box for the dvds. Again, we have many, many patron complaints concerning this issue in particular. The Library is only open until 8:00 and we penalize patrons for late dvds and/or dvds in the drop box. We see this as a reasonable solution to the problem.
Vacation: 7
Sick: 2
Personal: 1
Jury Duty:2
The director attended: 2 Kiwanis meeting, 1 Project Phoenix meeting, 1 Swan/MLS Quarterly meeting 1 Community Watch meeting, a Director’s Retreat and 1 Zone meeting. The Director was also asked to participate on the Group Database Purchase Committee. Ms. Elmore attended the South Suburban Programming meeting and Ms. Gaz attended the quarterly CLASS meeting.
The Library’s programming is still going strong, and we have some fun things planned for the month of April. Let’s take a look at the month’s stats.
Trustee Fiorenzo reported on the first meeting for the Strategic Planning Committee. The Committee is planning a series of field trips to other libraries and to begin putting together a survey for our patrons. The Committee is also asking a variety of people if they would serve on our focus groups for the strategic plan.
The new Policy committee meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2011 at 1:30 pm. Mr. Scott Athey